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Acrylic Nail Warning!!!!!!!

MMA Nail Damage

Beware of using oriental nail bars for Acrylic nails.

Since starting the beauty business I have heard and seen first hand the damage caused by people visiting these nail bars which use MMA in their Acrylics.


People love these nail bars as the Acrylics stay on for weeks, but what they don't realise is that the MMA seriously damages your nail and if you were to catch your nail your whole nail could be ripped off, the government have been for years talking about banning the use of MMA products in the UK and the USA and other countries already have banned it's use.

If you have had your acrylic nails done at a nail bar and the technicians were oriental then the chances are they have used MMA on your nails, they also need to use a electric file to remove the Acrylic and MMA from your nails again increasing the chances of more damage.

I will never touch clients nails who have recently had these type of acrylics fitted, the chances of your nails being damaged is too high and I refuse to risk your nails and my reputation.

If you have had these Acrylics fitted then please reconsider using a professional nail technician who does not use MMA in their Acrylics and leave at least Six-Eight months before having any treatment done to your nails to allow them to recover or you may lose the whole nail as the nail bed once damaged will never grow back correctly if at all.


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